Year Round Front Desk Manager

Year Round Front Desk Manager

Purpose of Position:
Our Front Desk is the face of Clamshell Beach and is responsible for making sure that the expectations of the guests are met or exceeded. During the Fall, Winter and Spring our Front Desk Manager is also responsible for Data Entry on our reservation system and for some Social Media work.

Full-time (see Work Schedule below) with the opportunity to become General Manager

1. $18 – $24 per hour (commensurate with experience and is dependent on the ability of the applicant to contribute beyond the summer season).
2. Payroll and Benefits will be done by Pro Resources and payroll will be done on the 1st and 15th of every month.
3. After one year, you are eligible for 401K Contribution by the company equal to 25% of your salary *independent* of any contribution you want to make.

Intangible Benefits:
1. Working with people who are the happiest people in the world – people on vacation!
2. An opportunity to learn valuable social media and web marketing skills.
3. A great variety of indoor and outdoor tasks on the beautiful Whitefish Chain of Lakes.

Work Schedule:
1. The work schedule matches our seasonal demands.
2.  From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the Front Desk is open seven days a week and you will be responsible for the hours from 2 PM to 10 PM on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday from Memorial Day to Labor Day. In the summer, you will share the Front Desk responsibilities with the Owner.
3.  During the other seasons, you will have responsibility for the same five days a week but the Front Desk closes earlier and can fit your personal schedule. Your schedule desires during the other seasons can be discussed during the interview. Longer times off are also possible if coordinated with the Owner.

1. The Front Desk Manager should  be quick with a smile and have a caregiver’s heart to help the guests – and especially the children – have a memorable vacation.
2. The Front Desk Manager should have strong managerial and interpersonal skills to work with the other employees.
3. Strong computer skills desired and an ability to learn new computer programs is a must.
4. Strong organizational, written and verbal skills are necessary as well as the ability to do office work with frequent interruptions.
5. A degree and/or experience in the industry is desired and knowledge of accounting is important.
6. Must be self-motivated and willing to learn new skills with an ability to adapt to changes in the Hospitality Industry.
7. Must be able to recommend new ideas and implement the ideas to improve the customer’s experience. This will require some basic marketing and graphic design skills.
8. Private cell phone/texting, private social media use (Facebook etc) and web browsing are not allowed during work hours.
9. Must have a calm temperament as well as be an excellent listener and problem solver.

Expected Tasks, Responsibilities and Behaviors Specific to Position:
1. Responsible for interviewing all Staff and make recommendations on hiring.
2. Responsible for providing performance review input for the Summer Landscaping Staff and Lodge Staff.
3. Responsible for training the Lodge Staff position and performing the Lodge Staff position as determined by the Resort Manager and as the schedule demands. See the Lodge Staff Position Description for further details.
4. Plan the curriculum used in the Supervised Kids Club and support the Lodge Staff as necessary to assure that the kids have a great experience.
5. Maintain a shopping list of items to buy to support day-to-day operations of Kids Club and the Lodge.
6. Prioritize items that need to be addressed by the Maintenance Staff as they are presented by the guests. Perform minor maintenance tasks if needed.
7. Communicate guest check-in times and check-out times with Housekeeping and make sure all the details associated with a guest reservation are completed by either Housekeeping, Maintenance, Lodge Staff, or personally as needed.
8. Seek educational opportunities for personal job-related growth through conferences, seminars, workshops, and various media resources.
9. The Front Desk Manager will be required to wear dress shirts with the Clamshell Beach logo on it (provided at our cost to you) along with jeans, khakis, or khaki shorts/shirts.

Expected Outcomes:
1. Good communication among all staff members will assure that the guests have a memorable vacation. Interviews should assure that personalities create the right atmosphere.
2. We want Clamshell Beach to be a preferred place to work and believe in rewarding excellent performance. Good communication about performance is a key component in this.
3. The front desk of the Lodge should be staffed so that guest expectations are exceeded.
4. A key part of creating a memorable vacation for kids is creating activities and features that make the vacation special.
5. The lodge offers numerous items for sale and free for our guests or for maintenance of the lodge. The shopping list should result in a smooth operating lodge.
6. As items are identified by guests, it is important to prioritize them to assure they have a great vacation. When the Assistant Manager is not present for the guest, a procedure should be maintained for addressing and prioritizing items.
7. The reservation system records guest reservations and this system needs to be maintained and communicated to other employees.
8. In order to remain a leader in the Minnesota resort industry, we believe that the Summer Resort Manager should be well versed in the newest services and features to meet guest needs.
9. We believe in supporting the community and volunteering is a key component in this support.

Expected Tasks, Responsibilities and Behaviors of all employees at Clamshell Beach:
1. Make sure that the guests have a memorable vacation and strive to make everyone think of Clamshell Beach as “their place at the lake”.
2. We want every employee to be empowered to satisfy the details that make vacations truly memorable.
3. We pride ourselves in the number of repeat guests that we have and the family atmosphere we foster.
4. We expect all employees to have a clean, well groomed appearance.
5. We expect everyone to be a positive and creative team member of the staff.
6. We believe that work should be fun and everyone should have a smile and sense of humor.
7. You must be timely, trustworthy and respectful of everyone.
8. We believe that each employee understands that cell phones can be useful but can also be a distraction. As a courtesy to our guests, we request that you put your cell phones away so that they are not used except during your lunch break. Emergency exceptions are allowed of course.