We have the cleanest, best maintained cottages on the Whitefish Chain and our Housekeeping Staff makes sure all of our guests experience a clean, comfortable cottage. The Housekeeping Staff will generally work under the direction of the Assistant Resort Manager, but lead Housekeeping staff will provide detailed direction.

Part-time (see Work Schedule below)

1. Starting at $17 per hour commensurate with experience.
2. Payroll will be done by Pro Resources and payroll will be done on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Intangible Benefits:
1. Working with people who are the happiest people in the world – people on vacation!
2. A great variety of indoor and outdoor tasks at Clamshell Beach – Cottages on Whitefish!

Work Schedule:
1. You will have a flexible work schedule averaging 18-28 hours per week throughout the summer and possibly hours during the other seasons. The number of hours you would like to work will be discussed during the interview process to make sure we have adequate staffing and to make sure that your financial goals are met.
2. We work with our Housekeeping Staff to allow everyone adequate time off to enjoy glorious Minnesota summers. We expect personal schedules to be communicated at least two weeks in advance to the Assistant Resort Manager and longer commitments must be communicated during the interview process. We also appreciate knowing how this part time position fits with other jobs you may have during the other seasons.
3. Check-out time is at 9 AM and check-in time is 4 PM. In general, all the Housekeeping is accomplished between these hours and on the days of Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Occasionally, the days may be slightly longer or shorter depending on the overall workload for the week.
4. The Housekeeping Staff should be able to work all four days, but allowances are made to give everyone time off during the summer and we work to make sure everyone shares the work equally on all of the days and weekends.

1. Our Housekeeping Staff is vibrant, organized, energetic and has an eye for detail.
2. You will be trained to understand how we clean cottages, but you should be familiar with all the skills associated with cleaning a home.
3. You must be physically fit to do all aspects of cleaning, which includes the ability to scrub a floor and to do light lifting(carry a vacuum cleaner and cleaning supplies up a flight of stairs).
4. You must be a polite, caring, team player willing to lend a hand to another Housekeeping Staff to meet a team schedule.
5. You must have access to reliable transportation to and from work.

Expected Tasks, Responsibilities and Behaviors Specific to Position:
1. You will be responsible for the first (and lasting) impressions our guests have about their cottage at the lake.
2. Typically, cabin cleaning is done as a team and each team member is responsible for a specific area. These areas are; the kitchen (all utensils and appliances), the bathroom (floor and fixtures), the living room (floor and furnishings), the bedrooms (floor, beds and bunk beds) and outside touch-up (sweep patios and general pick-up). Depending on the staffing and daily workload, bed making may be done as a separate task and some tasks may be combined. On any given day, you may be responsible for cleaning any of these areas at the discretion of a Housekeeping Lead.
3. You will be trained about the techniques and standards with which we clean cottages at Clamshell Beach. These techniques closely match the skills you use to clean your home – this implies more effort than a typical hotel room cleaning requires. That is why our pay rate and expectations are higher than at a hotel.
4. As the cabin is cleaned, the Housekeeping Staff is required to alert the Housekeeping Lead about any item which is broken or which may need attention. The Housekeeping Lead may either fix the item or request assistance from Maintenance.
5. The Housekeeping Staff will be responsible for replacing light bulbs and helping the Housekeeping Lead maintain a list of cleaning products or tools that are necessary to clean the cottages.
6. The Housekeeping Lead will inspect and touch-up last minute details. The Housekeeping Lead will also direct the Housekeeping Staff to come back and clean any area that did not get cleaned to the high standards we have at Clamshell Beach. All Staff should be respectful and able to handle constructive criticism.
7. Depending on the workload, the Housekeeping Lead will join in the effort to clean cottages with the Housekeeping Staff.
8. All Housekeeping Staff are required to take a one half hour unpaid break for lunch. Cell phone usage and smoking breaks must be limited to that time.
9. You should wear clean, comfortable clothes and resort issued shirts may be issued at the Resort Manager’s discretion.

Expected Outcomes:
1. We expect that we will meet or exceed the level of cleanliness that our guests have some to expect at Clamshell Beach.
2. We expect that you will be able to clean any of the areas in a cabin either by yourself or as part of a team.
3. We expect that you will be part of the team that identifies things that need to be fixed and to help the Housekeeping Lead maintain a supply list of cleaning supplies that may be need to be purchased.
4. We expect that would will be part of a respectful team that works together to meet the expectations of our guests.

Expected Tasks, Responsibilities and Behaviors of all employees at Clamshell Beach:
1. Make sure that the guests have a memorable vacation and strive to make everyone think of Clamshell Beach as “their place at the lake”.
2. We want every employee to be empowered to satisfy the details that make vacations truly memorable for our guests
3. We pride ourselves in the number of repeat guests that we have and the family atmosphere we foster.
4. We expect all employees to have a clean, well groomed appearance.
5. We expect everyone to be a positive and creative team member of the staff.
6. We believe that work should be fun and everyone should have a smile and sense of humor.
7. You must be timely, trustworthy and respectful of everyone.
8. We believe that each employee understands that cell phones can be useful but can also be a distraction. As a courtesy to our guests, we request that you put your cell phones away so that they are not used except during your lunch break. Emergency exceptions are allowed of course.